Five tips for growing in your faith during theology school

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Growing Your Faith During Theology School Tips

  • Grow Faith Through Constant Study
  • Engage Teachers and Participate in Discussions
  • Find Friends that Share Your Passion
  • Serve the Community
  • Put Faith Into Practice

There are many available resources for seminary students who want to continue growing in their faith while they attend theology school or follow other academic pursuits. There is certainly a lot to be gained through standard coursework required for a degree, but there are also many ways for students of theology to go beyond the standard to expand their experience and understanding while in school.

Grow Faith Through Constant Study

As many religious scholars will attest, readers can gain new wisdom and deeper understanding of their faith each time they read through scriptures. Anyone who wants to become an expert in theology must possess a firm grasp on the contents of fundamental documents. Students are encouraged to study texts independently in addition to the requirements of their theology school coursework.

Engage Teachers and Participate in Discussions

Anyone pursing a theology degree should seize opportunities to participate in their lessons by asking questions and joining active discussions. Open discourse and debate often occurs on a voluntary basis, so students must take the initiative in order to further their knowledge and understanding.

Access to professional researchers and scholars is one of the main benefits of theology school, so it’s always a good idea to cultivate relationships with people who have experience in your field. They can also help you find additional resources for seminary students to help navigate and refine an area of study.

Find Friends that Share Your Passion

A strong sense of community and shared purpose are essential nutrients for growing your faith during school. Building friendships with peers gives students a relevant community that shares their interests and can help them explore their faith from new perspectives. It can take time and effort to find the people who will become long-term friends, but the rewards of a personal support network make the effort well worth it.

Serve the Community

Many students in theology school find exciting and productive ways to grow their faith by serving those in need. Community outreach efforts allow students to practice the tenants of their faith into practice and spread their message to a receptive audience at the same time. There are hundreds of different ways for people to serve those in need, including reaching out to the local community or going on a mission trip abroad.

Put Faith Into Practice

Perhaps the most essential strategy for growing faith during theology school is to live your beliefs in every thought and action of daily life. Applying faith on a personal level can extremely difficult, but this challenge helps forge your faith into something that is stronger and more personal than ever before. Integrating aspects of faith into your daily routine helps make faith a tangible force in your life.

There are many paths through a religious education, so the best way to proceed through theology school depends on personal and professional goals. Interested students can find a variety of online collections and recommended reading lists with valuable resources for seminary students, including books, devotionals and practical guides towards spiritual growth.

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